December 8, 2016


Welcome back to BINGO! Week!

The BINGO! game at work is rolling along, still only one winner!

My BINGO! memories go back to my grandma, who we called Ma. My aunt and Ma ran a small 'rest home' as they were called back in the day. There were eight ladies who lived there who they cared for; I had lots of grandmas! Often when I'd go to visit, Ma and I would play BINGO! using dimes for markers. When I won, I was able to keep the dimes. I look back on that and realize she cheated so I could win. She was a wonderful grandma. Do you have any BINGO! memories?

Another of the prizes were holder for single Keurigs. I used retired paper and stamps, but think they turned out so cute! I'm always amazed at what you can make out of a bit of paper, some glue, inks and stamps - isn't it fun??

This is another tutorial I found on Pinterest. That site is amazing.

Would you like to win a BINGO! prize? If so, leave a comment section below. At the end of the week, I'll choose one winner who wins, BINGO!!

Thanks for stopping, make your day a great one!



  1. My only memory of Bingo is when I went with my Aunt; Once. I was quite young, old enough to drive though, and Once was enough for me. I didn't win and it was too long of a time to sit. I really did enjoy seeing and chatting with my Aunt though!

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  3. Thanks for sharing that great memory with me Lynn!