December 7, 2016


Hi All!

I'm back with another BINGO! prize that I created. 

Who couldn't use a mini hand sanitizer to tuck in a drawer, purse or diaper bag? I purchased these for $1 each at Bath and Body. Lots of possibilities in decking these out!

Sorry, the second one is a bit fuzzy. I took them to work prior to checking my photos. I wanted you to se the inside. I followed a tutorial by Dawn Griffith.

This is a quick and easy last minute stocking stuffer - or BINGO! prize!

Would you like to win a BINGO! prize? If so, leave a comment section below. At the end of the week, I'll choose one winner who wins, BINGO!!

Hope your day is a great one!



  1. Sue, these are adorable! Did you use an oval punch for the lid to fit through?

    1. Yes Gerri, the container fits perfectly through the oval. Thanks for the comment!