July 12, 2016

Graduation Season

Hi all,

We have another graduation party to attend tomorrow. My son Michael has been celebrating every weekend with a different friend. This weekend I'm invited to the party too! Billy and Michael were baptized on the same day, attended Sunday school and Confirmation classes together. Our families have grown very close over the years. The boys go to different schools. I made the same card for each of them, but used their school colors. It's so hard for me to believe these boys are college bound this fall.

The Large Numbers Framelits made putting this card together a snap. The background stamp is vintage and one I like to use to add texture to a large space.

I forgot to take a photo of the inside before writing in it - oops!

Geometry was never a strength, so figuring out the motar board, took me a few tries. 

I cut a 1" length of card stock, placed it in my trimmer and cut it on a diagonal.

I flipped the cardstock, lined up the diagonal side at 1" and made the second cut.

For the bottom of the hat I cut a rectangle 1" wide and maybe 2" long. I slid one end of the rectangle into the 1 1/2" round punch and punched to get the round shape on the bottom. 

I trimmed the rectangle to fit behind the mortar board. A White Perfect Accent colored with a black Sharpie was placed in the middle of the hat.

An easy and fun little accent!

Hope you enjoyed today's card and mini tutorial. Stop back next Tuesday to see another creation for Billy!

Until next time, take care,

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