July 26, 2016

A Crate of Goodies

Hi all!

My last post highlighted the Fruit Stand DSP. This is a fun suite of products and you'll see more to come. If you check out page 148 of the catalog that features this suite, you'll see the small crates. I've seen them on Pinterest and thought they were pretty dang cute.

A couple weeks ago I made treat holders for mini Hershey bars to hand out at a staff meeting. I brought home the leftovers and was trying to figure out what to do with them.

My son, Michael, currently has a prescription that is quite costly and is not covered by insurance, so I searched online for coupons and took them to the local WalMart. The pharmacy staff at this WalMart have gone above and beyond in finding every possible discount for me. They've been able to save me about $400 per month on this scrip. 

Now is when the crate comes in. I thought of the pharmacy staff in my figuring on what to do with the treats, but needed to come up with a cute container to hold them - tah dah - the crate!

I used the Hardwood stamp on each of the pieces - love how it turned out. I figured out how big I needed the space to be to hold the number of treats I had, then determined how high I needed the sides. So, if the space I needed was 3 x 4 and 2.5" high, I cut my cardstock 3' wide by 9" (4 + 2.5 + 2.5) long and scored 2.5" from each end. The slats are 1" wide by 5' long and scored at 1/2" from each end. I added Tear n Tape to the 1/2" pieces to attach them to the sides of the crate. Because my crate needed to hold some weight, I reinforced the bottom and side slats with pieces of cardboard cut from a DSP stack.

The pharmacy staff loved the treat. The pharmacist told me the 'girls' were taking photos of it, but he just enjoyed the chocolate, something for everyone! It's so much fun to give, isn't 

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