July 31, 2014

Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin!

Say THAT three times fast! I signed up for Paper Pumpkin about four months ago, not quite knowing what to expect as there were a variety of comments about the product. I have to tell you, I'm certainly not sorry I did sign up. 

Paper Pumpkin is a small box that gets delivered to your home once a month. Inside the box is a Paper Pumpkin seal that once broken and the tissue paper moved aside, reveals a wonderfully unique paper crafting item with all the supplies and directions you need to complete the project. It could be a card, a gift bag, a framed item or who knows! Half the fun in receiving Paper Pumpkin is opening the package each month!

Paper Pumpkin is great for those crafters who are just starting out and don't have many supplies, or those who aren't able to make a big investment in crafting supplies right now but want to produce handmade items or those who say they aren't creative on their own, but love to put together projects.

Something brand new with Paper Pumpkin is pre-paid subscriptions that can be purchased in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month packages. They are great for gift giving or gather a few friends together each month to assemble your Paper Pumpkins. Enjoy the ease and creativity of Paper Pumpkin!

For more information on you can purchase a Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin subscriptions, click here.

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