August 25, 2016

Thinking of You....Flamingo Style!

Hi all,

I do love this Pop of Paradise leggy creature! 

I'm especially looking forward to a mix of cards using this stamp set to send off throughout the long Wisconsin winter. Wouldn't you love to receive this bit of sunshine in the mail?

I work at sending my hand stamped cards to a variety of people, just because. Over the summer I've been writing to a dear friend of mine quite regularly. I don't know how we got to be such good friends; her middle son dated my older sister, so Ruthann was old enough to be my mom. We both went through our cross stitch years and then both turned to stamping. I would stop and visit her on the five hour trek to/from my bestie's home. I was surprised and saddened to receive a letter from her son this week informing me that Ruthann had passed. She was such a wonderful, talented, loving woman and she will be missed by many. I am hoping that my cards brought a bit of joy to her days.

Over the weekend I plan to have some major play time with my holiday catalog purchases - stay tuned! Don't miss out - provide me with your email address in the column to the right and my posts will be delivered right to your in box.

Make someone's day - send a hand stamped card!

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