April 30, 2015

Great Mother's Day Gift!

Last weekend, a former co-worker, friend and new stamper, Gwen, brought her four grandchildren to my house to make Mother's Day gifts. Gwen has two children and each of her children have two children. When she asked me if there was a project they could make for a Mother's Day gift, I knew exactly what we could do!

The siblings worked on opposite sides of the table with assistance from Grandma. I snapped this photo early in the process. I knew there would be no time for one later on!

Each child stamped two seasons using Sheltering Tree. I shopped for frames that the mom's could use for display and found the openings to be 4 x 6, so we mounted the completed projects on coordinating cardstock. I picked up acrylic frames for each image so the kids each had a package to present to mom. I don't know the decor in these homes and thought it safer to let mom choose!

Olivia and Kaitlyn created this quartet.

Andrew and Austin put their special touches on their seasons.

I thought the kids did a great job, don't you? We were finished within an hour and with the help of Starburst jelly beans to munch on while waiting for a stamp, the kids enjoyed their time. I thinkg Grandma was pleased and I had a wonderful time! I anxious to hear what the moms think about their gift!

Thanks for stopping. Until next time, take gentle care,


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