February 23, 2021

Sweet Treats!

I invited two neighbors in for an afternoon of stamping. We had a wonderful time. Because there were only two people, the cards we made were a bit more involved. Prior to starting the third card, I popped a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls into the oven. We enjoyed them with coffee and tea after all of the hard work!

It was so sweet when Chris commented on the afternoon and how she enjoyed being spoiled. She said that as a mom, she isn't often spoiled and she really enjoyed the afternoon. I like to spoil my stampers! I always create a treat for each stamper as a stamping favor. Spoiler Alert! Hee-hee, pun intended ๐Ÿ˜„

I followed a tutorial by Julie DiMatteo at The Paper Pixie. The ladies loved them!

Here is one of the cards we made. This chick just cracks me up!

I'm planning my class for next month and will offer it at multiple times so I can keep the class size low and comfortable for everyone. I miss my groups of stampers.

Hope you find some RnR in your craft space today!

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