March 16, 2021

Spring Carrots

 I guess you could say this is my veggie post. I spent some time experimenting with treat containers for an upcoming spring gathering. I'll share my results, sources and some comments.

My first tutorial cam from Sam Calcott at Mixed Up Craft. This is a big box! The top is 3" and it narrows down to 1". Due to the size, this is much more than a treat box. It would be a great replacement for a small Easter basket. To answer my sister's question, it would fit a mini bottle of wine! Sam has a great video on how to create this carrot. I like how this project turned out, but it's too big for what I have in mind.

This is another Sam Calcott design. I struggled with getting the cone appropriately shaped. I can be rather particular with my projects and am not at all happy with how this turned out for me. The actual carrot is about 5.5" long and 2" across the top. You could fit about 10 chocolate eggs in this treat holder. I'm sure my carrots would get better with practice. I was thinking that having a form that is used to make waffle cones would be a great help for this project!

This tutorial is from Twila Davis. I found it on Splitcoast Stampers. I feel as though I'm telling the story of the 3 bears here and this is the carrot that is just right! The carrot base is 6" x 6" and once the cutting/scoring was figured out, it was easy to put together. It has my vote!

So, if you're looking to create some spring carrots, give one of these projects a go!

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