May 12, 2020

Graduation Day!

Despite COVID-19, we celebrated my son Michael's college graduation from the University of Wisconsin Madison on Saturday. I rented a party room at a downtown hotel for the 10 of us. We viewed the streamed ceremony and listened to thoughts shared by the Chancellor and James Patterson, the guest speaker; both were great! The ceremony highlight was the special guest commencement speaker, Uncle Dream - not a dry eye in the house after that!

We broke quarantine and went with tradition, Michael in cap and gown as we took photos at campus landmarks. There were other students and families doing the same. It was refreshingly normal and people were cognizant of distancing.

Alumni Bucky and Old Abe were a couple of the stops we made.

The photo highlights were taken inside the football stadium. Michael worked with the team this year as a videographer and got permission to go into the stadium. We were the only people in the stadium; it was quite a special experience! My boy has attended Badger football games starting in 2nd grade with his dad who is a season ticket holder. His dream was to graduate as a Badger and he did it!!! I'm one proud momma!

I really couldn't have asked for a better day!! 

Hope you are doing well!

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  1. Congratulations to Michael! My heart is so sad for all the seniors, such a loss of celebration of special times. So glad you found a way to still make the day special and celebrate!