December 6, 2016


Hi All,

'Tis the season and work is a little crazy. To lower the stress level and add a bit of fun to the day, I decided to play BINGO! There are sites that allow you create a game using your own words and the site then creates the BINGO! cards. I send out a word each morning via email and my work peeps are having lots of fun with it. I do have to say that I've heard grumblings that the game is rigged:)  I set it up so there are four ways for people to win, so far, only one winner!

If you're playing BINGO!, there has to be prizes, right? Ohhh, I had fun with that. This week I'll share prize items with you.

I love these mini coffee cups! I filled mine with Peppomint Lifesavers. This has been a great way to use some of my retired DSP!

I made these years ago and designed a holder for them, check out the tutorial HERE.

Would you like to win a BINGO! prize? If so, leave a comment section below. At the end of the week, I'll choose one winner who wins, BINGO!!

Hope your holiday preparation is going well. Take care!



  1. Is it too late to play? Not sure how to?:/. Thank you

    1. Not too late at all Maureen. I'll announce the winner on my Tuesday post. Thanks for the comment!