August 14, 2015

Email error

Hi all,

Thanks to those of you who let me know you are unable to view my video tutorial from the email you received. This is the first video tutorial I've done and I have some homework to do to assure this doesn't happen again. That being said, if you go directly to my blog, the video link works there. 

So break out the popcorn, get comfy and click HERE to view the tutorial. 

Life at my full time job has been hectic; we are experience some major growing pains and everyone is stretched to their limit. As an HR professional, I don't have the skill set to be an extra set of hands that could get the work done, but I can be a cheerleader! You've maybe read my comments about my DSP stash that I'm really trying to use up. Over the weekend I made 34 candy bar boxes and filled them with full size Snickers bars.

I turned on a Netflix movie, scored, burnished, cut, formed and embellished. It was very relaxing. I did have to chuckle when at one point I realized that I had a blister from burnishing - now that is dedication to a paper addiction! The treats were very much appreciated and one of the staff was collecting everyone's boxes so she could use them again! For me, one of the best parts of stamping is giving things away, especially when my craft work is appreciated.

Thanks so much for your support, it means a great deal to me! By the time I create my next video, I'll have this bug figured out.

Until next time, take gentle care,

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